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Travel Info

Practical information

- To travel to Morocco it is imperative to have a passport whose validity period is at least 6 months.

- Each participant must be in possession of a valid "Motorcycle" driving licence.

- To be able to participate in our hikes, each participant will have previously taken out repatriation insurance valid for Morocco, with a recognized company. (Europe Assistance, Nomad Assistance,...)

- Morocco is a very large country, very diverse in terms of geography and landscape, but also in terms of climate. Depending on the time of year and the region visited, we will inform you of the climate you can expect, but without commitment on our part :)

- As a general rule, we stay in higher category establishments. The standard offers are made in a double room (i.e. 2 people per room). For an additional fee it is possible to stay in a single room. Sometimes, depending on availability, we may use lower level but very authentic accommodation.

check list

Here is a little reminder of what you should plan before a Passions Moto Morocco ride:

- Driving license

- Passport

- Repatriation insurance contract number and call number

- Call number in case of accident

- Technical T-shirt (jogging or mountain bike style)

- High socks (preferably above the knees)

- A choker.

- Cycling shorts for people who are not used to riding standing up.

- Camel bag.

- Pocket for your mobile phone because no pocket.

- A large K-Way if there is a risk of rain.

- Tape style "Leukoplast" if you fear bells on your hands.

The enduro is practiced with complete equipment as below. We have some for rent (note not all sizes), but if you have your own equipment there is a good chance that it will be more comfortable.

- a helmet

- glasses

- a stone guard

- elbow pads

- a jacket in cool weather or a jacket in hot weather

- cross country pants

- knee pads

- cross/enduro boots

- gloves

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