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Our story, our passion

Ciel rouge dans l'atlas au maroc
Serge Pecher
Martine Kennes

Our Moroccan story began in 2013, when, during a week-long trip to Essaouira, we fell in love with a particular house, but also with the city, the people, the country... everything!

Endurance rider since always, it very quickly became obvious to us that we needed motorcycles. At the end of 2015, we made our first trip to bring 2 motorcycles from Tangier to Essaouira, but passing through Ouarzazate... More than 2000 km which will allow us to discover the beauty and above all the diversity of Morocco. We invite you to read the story of this first trip on our Facebook page.

Since then, with each stay in our little paradise, we take advantage of our motorcycles, whether in the form of short walks in the countryside, or trips of hundreds, thousands of km crossing the Atlas several times.

2018 was a dark year for our family. The loss of parents, but much worse still that of a child. This situation will make us question everything and will make me make an important professional shift. Life has an expiry date and more than ever we want to do everything to make it as pleasant as possible. One of the conditions is to be fulfilled in one's professional activity. Why not combine profession and passion?

And this is what motivated the creation of the company Passions Moto Maroc through which we hope to be able to transmit to you our love of motorcycles and of this beautiful country.

We organize à la carte trips, for groups of experienced bikers, but also for you who have a motorcycle license, a minimum of experience on 2 wheels and who want to discover and learn knowing that you are well supervised. You are a few couples of friends, the men would like to do some motorcycling, the wives enjoy the swimming pool and the charms of the medina, play golf with women or as a couple, do yoga, meditation, massages, horseback riding, quad biking, (kite)surfing, following men in 4x4s,.... all this is possible in an idyllic setting thanks to Passions Moto Maroc.

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