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A British couple in Essaouira: Enduro raid in Morocco

Chris and Mia with a KTM in front of the Passions Moto Maroc house
Before leaving

It was with a little apprehension that we began this first “What if we went to see the sea” of the season.

Indeed, Chris and Mia, who signed up for this enduro raid in Morocco several months ago, have practically no off-road experience. The selected route is more than 100 km per day which, without experience, can be very physical. They come to spend 10 days in Morocco to visit Marrakech, Essaouira, take a motorcycle ride, but above all celebrate their twelfth wedding anniversary. At their request, we organized a 3-day motorcycle trip for them which ended in a beautiful hotel to celebrate this anniversary in style.

From our first meeting, contact was very good. Him, cheerful, English humor, passionate about travel and motorcycles. She, of German origin, very friendly, determined, a go-getter. It was he who brought her to motorcycling with patience and determination to make her today just as passionate as him.

Besides the fact that we celebrate our wedding anniversaries 2 days before them, Mia is a nurse like Martine.

A few common points that suggest interesting exchanges.

Once the briefing and dressing are complete, I take them to a plain to provide some advice specific to off-roading. As for driving a motorcycle, it's them who could give me advice given the number of km per year and the type of machine (BMW 1200 for her and Ducati Monster for him).

Very quickly my apprehensions fade away, they are so comfortable on the bike and we are reassured as we begin this first day.

Mia during training on the Beta Alp200
A little training before hitting the slopes

It is exceptionally hot for the time of year and it is with pleasure that we find Martine in the shade of some argan trees for a country picnic.

Serge, Mia and Chris sitting under the argan trees during the lunch break
Picnic in the countryside

Relatively early in the afternoon we arrive at our hotel where we will have the pleasure of being able to enjoy the swimming pool. A great first day!

The second day is a little longer in km, but the pace being higher, we will also have time to enjoy the swimming pool at the end of the day, which is not a luxury given the temperatures still so high .

A beautiful swimming pool at the tasgua-yan hotel in Tafedna
The Tasgua-yan hotel swimming pool

At lunchtime we enjoyed a good meal overlooking the sea and a horde of surfers.

Chris, Mia,Serge and Martine on the terrace of Ohappyday in Imsouane
Lunch sea view

The loop of nearly 140 km took us through magnificent landscapes ranging from mountains to valleys, then along the ocean from wheels in the water to dizzying views from the top of the cliffs. I don't know how many times I've done this tour, but every time I'm just as amazed.

2 donkeys under a tree bent by the wind
The effect of the wind... The donkeys benefit from it!

The third day brings us back to Essaouira, but not by the shortest route. A new route, although made up of known sections, but assembled differently. We don't fail to stop at our friend Houcine's to taste his delicious grilled fish.

3 motorbikes from Passions Moto Maroc on the beach of Iftane
Iftane beach. Houcine's grilled fish... A treat.

Last afternoon and last basement to discover: Sand. Chris had specifically asked me to do the dunes and the beach. Sand makes or breaks. We love it or we hate it. For both of them… it breaks. It’s not their thing, they prefer stones! It is therefore via a very stony track that I bring them back to the Passions Moto Maroc garage at la Vie-la Passion.

Three beautiful days of motorcycling, without incident, no falls, no injuries and stars in my eyes. Tired but happy, after a last closing drink, we dropped them off at their hotel to enjoy their last day and celebrate the happy event. Thank you Chris and Mia for your trust, your good humor, and these good times spent together whether on the bike or not.

We hope to be able to welcome you on a future occasion.

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